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Run Your First 10K

You've worked your way up to running a 5K—or completed the “Run Your First 5K” Collection—and now you’re ready for more. Work up to running nonstop for 10 kilometers, whether it’s on a treadmill or outside. For most people, a 10K run takes about an hour, give or take a few minutes. So use this Collection to gradually get used to running for that long. Kick it off with the “Get Started” section, doing a 30-minute Treadmill or Time to Run workout every other day. When running for 30 minutes is no sweat, move up to the “Go Farther” section and repeat the pattern. You’ll take on more 30-minute Time to Run workouts and go longer with 45-minute Treadmill runs. When you can run for 45 minutes without stopping, it’s time to go for 60. Progress to the “Reach Your Goal” section. Complete the 45-minute Treadmill workouts and 60-minute Time to Run episodes. You can run on a treadmill, track, or outdoors. Feel free to top off each run with stretches found in the “Best Mindful Cooldowns for Athletes” Collection.

Get Started

Go Farther

Reach Your Goal