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Shania Twain

Shania Twain pioneered the path of crossing over from country music to mainstream pop stardom. And until she did it, the idea of a Canadian-born singer conquering Nashville was unheard of. But thanks to a mix of influences from country, pop, and rock, Shania broke through those barriers and helped define modern country. With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, and as one of the highest-grossing touring artists of any genre, her fans know her as the “The Queen of Country Pop.” Her latest album, the “Queen of Me,” shows that she’s still breaking new ground. Across these Cycling, Yoga, Strength, and Treadmill workouts, you’ll experience another reason why Shania is such a legend: her ability to inspire others through music. On “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” Shania bends genres with country violins and rocking guitars to create momentum that can help push you to a strong finish in any workout. “That Don't Impress Me Much,” an iconic single from the best-selling country album of all time, makes a statement about women’s independence along with plenty of punchlines. One of her newest hits, “Waking Up Dreaming,” is an energetic song that feels just as good to move to on a dance floor as it does a yoga mat. No matter the era, no matter the song, Shania can help leave you feeling empowered with her trail-blazing energy.