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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez knows the motivating power of music. After all, before she became a force in pop culture as a movie star and singer, she gained acclaim in the ‘90s as a highly skilled dancer. To master any one of these art forms takes massive determination. So it’s no wonder that her upbeat club hits, pining love ballads, and catchy pop songs can make you feel an unapologetically fierce sense of energy. That same energy also makes her music perfect for workouts. One of her most iconic hip-hop tracks, “Jenny From the Block,” will inspire you to move your body in Dance, while reminding you that there’s value in remembering where you’ve come from. “If You Had My Love” is an R&B classic, offering a message of self-worth that’s particularly galvanizing in Strength. Across her music, it’s not hard to let J. Lo’s tireless energy motivate you long after your workout is over.