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Get Your Shoulders in Great Shape

Strong shoulder muscles help make your arms look nicely fit. And they come in handy when you need to pick up a squirming toddler or confidently hoist a suitcase into an airplane’s overhead bin. Giving these muscles some well-deserved attention also helps you develop healthy shoulder joints—not to mention an affinity for sleeveless shirts. And since shoulders play a part in most upper-body movements, keeping them strong and stable sets the stage for success when you’re taking on any back, chest, or arm exercise. Do each duo three times per week, about every other day. There are 20-minute Strength workouts that focus on presses, lifts, raises, and rotations. The five-minute Mindful Cooldowns are designed to improve shoulder mobility and mellow out muscle tension. After a week goes by, move on to the next duo until you have completed all four weeks. Then keep the pump going with more workouts and cooldowns in the Fitness+ library.

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